The Life of The Renegade Entrepreneur

If you are one of the small and exclusive group of passionate Entrepreneurs who want to discover the strategies of true Entrepreneurial success, then you are in the right place.

In reading this, you can gain a great deal of insight into what it means to be a successful business owner in today’s competitive marketplace. You may even gain some tips or strategies you’ll want to act on immediately. So reading the material on this site in and of itself will be profitable.

But be warned: nothing happens all by itself, and the very best and most profitable ideas in the world left lying unused in your mind or gathering dust on your bookshelf will do you no good at all.

That’s what most people do – normal people. But if you look around you, you’ll realise “normal” is really the same as “average”, “usual” and, if the harsh truth be told… “mediocre”.

Because it’s usual and normal for 80% of businesses to go bust within their first five years of trading. In other words, if you do the usual, normal and ordinary things, then the result you can expect four times out of five is to fail.

As Adler put it, “normalcy is abnormality”.

But just as the successful Entrepreneur’s success and results are extreme, so are their dysfunctions.

It is a huge myth, and major barrier to success, that the entrepreneurs with the biggest incomes and greatest businesses are somehow ‘gifted’ or ‘super-human’, and possess ‘powers’ or ‘luck’ denied most mortals.

There is absolutely no inherent ‘power’, intelligence or other advantage possessed by any of these people that you, too, do not possess. Their “secret”, to use a much overused word in the context of business success, is nothing more than a willingness to go out on a limb by seeing what everyone else is doing… and then doing the exact opposite.

If you spent as much time with as many millionaire and multimillionaire entrepreneurs as we have and do, you would be shocked at how abnormal and sometimes dysfunctional they are.

They are by no stretch of the imagination “normal”. They don’t think in normal ways, they don’t carry out normal actions and their methods, strategies and plans are not the normal kind of things you find in most businesses.

And that’s why they don’t get normal or ordinary results. In fact, it is the reason for their extraordinary success and achievement.

And on these pages, I give you a brief glimpse into the key strategies of these business successes.

Be warned that this can take time. Truly successful businesses take years, sometimes decades to develop. So you need to be willing to work hard and you need patience.

-chris cardell