The Radical Entrepreneur

There is a kind of radical underground in the entrepreneurial world.
There are things that members of this group know and discuss sparingly and cautiously with one another, but rarely with outsiders – because what they know so diametrically differs from what the overwhelming majority believe about money, success and independence, they prefer to keep these strategies to themselves

This group make their incomes and create their wealth in opposition, in many ways, to everything you’ve ever been taught or told about the subjects of ‘money’ and ‘wealth.’

They also make their incomes and create their wealth more easily, with less struggle; more pleasurably and more independently than virtually all other business people.

In short, they have and use a radically different blueprint.

For the most part, how they do what they do goes unnoticed and not understood by those around them.

But this has its downsides, too.

Because the top of any peak is a lonely place, and Entrepreneurial success is no exception. Not only is there the loneliness necessarily cultivated and embraced by any true leader, but the very character traits and behaviours that are substantially responsible for their exceptional success also tend to alienate them from the average man or woman in the street.

Moreover, they often have to contend with massive resistance – from colleagues, employees, friends, competitors and even their own family. They find themselves setting out courses of action that bring ridicule, contempt and scorn upon them… and when they succeed, those negative and vituperative emotions coalesce into spite, envy and jealousy.

And of course once they are successful, they become targets. It’s human nature to strike out against anything “different” and when “different” is also “successful” it’s often too much to bear.

At the fundamental level they’re often targeted by governments in the form of higher taxes, egged on by the scornful masses who despise them yet have no compunction about using force to share the wealth Entrepreneurs have created by their own efforts.

So is it all worth it, being one of the Radical Elite?

Of course it is.

Because the alternative is to be like everyone else – and everyone else, at least the vast majority of them – doesn’t achieve much between cradle and grave. Without a long line of fearless and indomitable Entrepreneurs, we’d still be living in the Stone Age, hiding from the demons and spirits whispering beyond the flickering glow of the camp fire.

The whole of human progress is down to men and women who have eschewed the “ordinary” and have – unreasonably to some – refused to accept the world as it is and have moved heaven and earth to mould it to their own whim.

So yes, of course it’s worth it.

-chris cardell